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Prune these branches back either to the ground or to.

Jun 01, Pruning spring flowering Spiraea (Bridal Wreath) also rejuvenation pruning / Tool disinfectionTools used: Fiskars lopping shears; Fiskars hand shears, deadhe Missing: Goldenrod FL. Feb 16, Prune for More Blooms Bridal wreath spirea blooms in the spring from buds that were set on the growth from the year before.

Late summer or fall pruning removes the growth which then reduces the number of buds on the shrub. For a full blooming season, the shrub needs pruned as soon as the flowers treedrop.pwg: Goldenrod FL.

Jul 21, The best time to prune spring-blooming spireas is immediately after the shrubs finish blooming. As with any pruning project, start by removing dead, diseased, spindly, or split branches. Prune Missing: Goldenrod FL. Oct 13, Bridal Wreath Spirea should be pruned right after blooming to reduce height and maintain the desired shape.

At this time, first remove any damaged or dead branches or stems.

Cut back a third of the canes, preferably the oldest and tallest ones, all the way to the ground. Do not shear only the top growth to preserve the plant’s naturally arching treedrop.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins. Aug 23, Never try to prune a bridal wreath spirea into a compact bush, or you will sacrifice its unique charm. Trimming back so that it does not get too Missing: Goldenrod FL. Mar 02, How to Prune Spirea.

You should actually prune your spirea more than once a year, at least twice.

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Give it a good trim after it flowers in the spring by cutting back the tips of the stems to the top leaf bud. This removes the dead blossoms and also may trigger a second blooming and new leaf growth. You can also shape the shrub at this treedrop.pwg: bridal wreathGoldenrod FL.

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