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Jan 27, You can prune your fruitless mulberry now. Any time in the dormant season when the leaves are off the tree is a good time to prune deciduous trees, including the mulberry.

You should complete your pruning before the buds begin to expand enough to show color.

This occurs just before the buds finally open. As far as pruning a fruitless mulberry tree is concerned, mark the weak branches first and prune them close to the trunk, but above their knuckles (or collars). Any outward growing branch can be cut down in the same way.

Also, it is adapted to drought condition and grows luxuriantly in several types of soil.

After removing the twigs, use pruning tars over the cut surfaces to minimize disease and pest treedrop.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins. Fruitless mulberry trees are incredibly fast-growing trees. A mature tree left unpruned can grow 30 to 50 feet tall and quickly take over a small landscape space. Pollarding allows you to restrict. Jun 26, Mulberry trees go to sleep in the winter and drop their leaves. The form of a tree without leaves is much easier to assess than one laden with leaves.

Once you see how all the branches are growing, it’s easier to picture a better shape you can shoot for. Then, Cut and Bend. In North Florida I usually did my pruning in January/early February before my fruit trees awakened from their winter Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Nov 18, Mulberry trees are deciduous trees that are fast growing and bear edible fruit. Because they are so fast growing, it's important to know how to prune them effectively. This pruning should be 79%(42).

Nov 02, She let her mulberry grow out of control and fruit really, so when I moved in AugustI wanted to salvage the tree if I could. Read that I could severely prune it to a height that I could reach and I did holding my breath! The article said that severe pruning like that might delay fruiting for a season BUT no! GOD had other plans. Sep 15, LIKE COMMENT SHARE SUBSCRIBE My Seed Store: Organic Worm Castings:

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