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Feb 09, Best offers for your Garden - Falling Off a Lemon Tree. It is normal for a lemon tree to lose an occasional lea.

Oct 10, Check for a Nutrient Deficiency. In lemon trees deficient in certain key nutrients, such as magnesium and iron, leaf drop can occur. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include yellowing or Missing: Winter Park. Sep 13, This is most likely if you’re watering too frequently or the drainage of the soil site or container is poor.

To get the reason behind your tree's loss of leaves, you may have to consider a Is Accessible For Free: False. Dec 21, Watering: Leave your tree to dry out completely before watering and use water at room temperature instead of straight from the tap during winter months. Don’t let your tree stand in water as this can rot the roots. Feeding: Buy Citrus Feed to use give your tree a boost of nutrients.

If your Citrus tree has experienced leaf drop and you follow.

Low maintenance, this tree has stopped growing and something is eating leaves!

Dec 27, I have a lemon tree about 15 years old. Goes outdoors mid-May if the over night temperature is above 55 degrees. Comes back indoors mid-September while it’s fairly still warm. Doesn’t lose its leaves.

One year I left it out too late and it went into shock and lost its leaves. Oct 25, If you bring a lemon tree indoors after it gets a chill outside it will most likely lose all its leaves. Huge temperature swings cause stress and a massive change in humidity from a chilly +5 C exterior to a dry +21 interior is just too big.

Mar 22, One of the main issues facing lemon trees, however, is root rot (Pythium or Phytophthora). This disease may occur when your lemon tree's roots stand in water for too long, but it can be prevented through better drainage. Sooty molds can also be an issue on your lemon tree's foliage by impeding treedrop.pwg: Winter Park.

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