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Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 to 8.

Acclimate it to direct sun over the course of one week to prepare it for planting.

The Mentor barberry is primarily propagated through rooted stem cuttings. Cuttings taken from spring to fall can be rooted under mist (Loucks, “Garden Guides”). Hormones, including IBA, aid in the rooting process to help the roots develop faster. You should always use a cutting. Aug 04, You can take the barberry cuttings in spring after the blossoms are faded or take semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.

The first step in this type of barberry plant propagation is to prepare a rooting pot.

Fill it with coarse sand and flood the sand with water. This Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 21, Barberry bushes are propagated through semi-hardwood stem cuttings taken in mid-July through the early fall season. Take 4- to 6-inch semi-hardwood cuttings from the barberry bush with a sharp knife or pruning clipper. A semi-hardwood cutting is a section of current year plant stem growth that is beginning to mature and turn firm. Propagating barberry with cuttings in autumn is very simple.

With only 1 shrub, in a few years you can get a lot of planting material that will preserve all maternal qualities. How is barberry propagated? Shrub barberry is decorative and tasty berries.

It is planted as a hedge and to attract bees to the site. Propagate green barberries in spring once new growth has appeared on the tips of the side branches and all the flowers have faded. Prepare a rooting pot before gathering the cuttings since softwood.

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