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By keeping your rose cuttings well hydrated, you'll have strong roots in no time.

Rooting rose bush cuttings is relatively easy, provided you take cuttings with a sharp cutting tool that doesn't crush the stem. While it is possible to plant cuttings directly in the garden, rooting cuttings indoors in a pot with a makeshift"greenhouse" gives you the ability to better control the treedrop.pwg: Deerfield Beach.

Fill a clean jar halfway or more with water. Place the cut ends of the roses making sure the ends are in water. Leave the cuttings in for a week or two or longer. I like to leave my cuttings Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Rose cuttings can be taken from the current year's new stems at three main growth stages: Softwood cuttings, the fastest and easiest to root, are taken in late spring and early summer, when flexible new stems are just beginning to mature.

Prime softwood cuttings come from pencil-size stems below rose blooms that have dropped their treedrop.pwg: Deerfield Beach. Dec 12, Use a clean knife or pruners to cut a rose stem measuring about 4 to 6 inches ( cm.) long.

Make the cut just below node, which is the point where a leaf attaches to the stem. Pinch off the lower leaves but leave the top two or three intact. Also, remove all flowers and treedrop.pwg: Deerfield Beach. Apr 11, Fill a small pot or container with about 6 inches of rose potting soil and poke a small hole in the center.

Insert the stem in the hole and take care to avoid rubbing off the rooting hormone. Press down on the soil to help hold the stem in place; water well. treedrop.pwtion: Food And Crafts Director. Nov 17, Dip the end of the rose cuttings into a rooting hormone. While this is optional, most people who take rose cuttings use some type of rooting hormone powder to help the cuttings take root.

Make sure the base of the rose cutting is damp before dipping it into the powder. Gently tap off Views: K.

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