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The fragrance, which is produced by visually insignificant tiny white.

Jan 06, So, for a 6-foot-tall sweet olive, remove the branches on the lower 3 feet of the plant. At 6 feet, it won't look like much of a tree, but it's a beginning.

As the years go by, you will gradually Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Feb 06, Plants may grow up to 8 feet wide and reach 4 to 30 feet in height depending on the cultivar, but they can also be pruned into a small tree if space is limited.

Apply a complete fertilizer in early spring, preferably one with slow-release nitrogen. Oct 29, Cuttings taken from half-ripened wood root well when placed in moist growing medium. Pruning is not usually necessary, but old specimens can be limbed up and grown as small evergreen trees.

The flowers are not at all showy, and they are not as fragrant as its Asian cousin.

A striking form of the sweet olive is Osmanthus fragrans f. aurantiacus. Flowers are pale orange, and foliage texture is a bit coarser than the treedrop.pwg: Orlando FL.

Nov 28, If your tree becomes so thick with growth that it starts to look sloppy, simply prune out some of the density after the blooms fade. Do not prune during the fall, when risk for infection is treedrop.pwg: Orlando FL. Plant trimming is shaping. This can be done any time of year in South Florida. Hard pruning - cutting back up to one-third to even one-half of a plant - should only be done in warm months March 15th through October 15th.

Always water well before giving a plant a hard treedrop.pwg: Orlando FL.

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